Albedo Optimization gets the most out of your bifacial panels.

Product / Albedo Optimization

Bifacial panels use the sun's irradiation on both the front and the rear side of the modules. Using bright white substances with a high albedo (reflectivity) can help to improve the overall performance of the plant. To evaluate if these solutions make sense for a specific project, several factors need to be considered: the natural albedo of the ground and of the high albedo ground cover, the design of the powerplant, the degradation of both PV-panels and albedo enhancement and of course the investment and maintenance cost.​

PVRADAR evaluates and optimizes albedo enhancers to maximize project value.

For an accurate evaluation of albedo enhancers (also referred to as albedo boosters or high albedo ground covers) PVRADAR includes several physical effects: the degradation of the albedo over time and the deposition of dust (“soiling”) on the high albedo surface. Integrated tools allow quick and easy assessment of counter-measures such as regular artificial cleaning or re-application of the albedo sheets after some years.