Optimization of albedo
enhancing materials

Make the most out of your bifacial modules.

  • Realistic estimates of lifetime value
  • Optimize the potential benefit of albedo enhancing materials
  • Evaluate offers from equipment suppliers and service providers

Calculate benefits of albedo enhancers

Increase the bifacial yield by 3-5%
  • Albedo enhancers are sheets of white material that increase the amount of light received by the rear side of bifacial modules.
  • Calculate the potential benefit of albedo enhancers for your exact project location and system design.

Optimize the payback time

Maximize value with optimal placement
  • Compare solutions based on their albedo value, cost, and location beneath modules and between rows.
  • Understand the effects of degradation, soiling, and clipping for the most accurate results.
  • Use as little material as possible to avoid cost and place it where it has the biggest impact on production.