Success stories

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Soiling risk assessment for a 1.4 GW portfolio
Definition of the global strategy against soiling risks for 15 projects across 4 continents and various climatic zones.
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Snow-loss evaluation for new projects in the Nordics
Reducing the financial risk of new large-scale projects through early assessment of snow losses based on historical data and accurate modelling.


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PVRADAR offers solar project risk assessments factoring in historical climate data
“PVRADAR Labs has expanded its software platform to include PV project risk assessment functionality, reportedly enabling more realistic performance estimates based on historical climate data”
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PES Securing solar investment: strategies for world class performance and reliability
“A recent study found that ‘solar assets are underperforming by an average of 8%’. Part of the problem is that the average photovoltaic project is designed based on standard values for climate-related losses that bear no relation to reality” PES, issue 128, p.84-87
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PV-MAGAZINE Novel software to optimize PV cleaning strategies
New PVRADAR’s Cleaning App can reportedly model soiling losses and cleaning benefits, while reducing cleaning costs and maximizing the overall economic performance of projects.


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Assuming 2% soiling loss threatens project profitability
Assuming a constant 2% soiling loss in PV project development often leads to revenue miscalculations. This flawed practice, common due to time and resource constraints, fails to reflect actual conditions, especially in high-soiling areas. Even in moderate soiling regions like Central Chile, a plant with soiling averaging 2.3% shows how small discrepancies can hide significant effects, as soiling peaks coincide with periods of maximum production. Accurate soiling assessments are essential for realistic energy yield estimates and ensuring project profitability. Decision-makers should prioritize detailed soiling analysis to secure the financial success of PV projects.
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Choose the best fully-autonomous cleaning robot for your project with PVRADAR
How do you select the most cost-effective cleaning robot for your project? In places with heavy soiling, fully autonomous robots are a viable solution to keep soiling losses under control. But which one should you choose from the wide range on the market? The cheapest, fastest, most efficient or the most durable? Using PVRADAR, we show how five different fully autonomous robotic solutions work in a sample project in Chile.
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Soiling assessment and cleaning optimization with PVRADAR
The decision on how to clean your PV plant is complex. Not cleaning can result in huge revenue losses, while suboptimal strategies can generate more costs than benefits. In order to find the most cost-effective cleaning strategy, many different scenarios have to be calculated and compared, taking into account all technical details and related costs. PVRADAR solves this challenge in an easy, fast and accurate way, letting you get the most out of your PV project.