Transparent risk mitigation
and cost optimization

For utility-scale PV power plants. Starting from day 1 of development.

The challenge

Solar assets are underperforming by an average of 8%.

pv-magazine & kWh Analytics, May 3, 2023

The average PV project is designed based on standard values for climate-related losses that bear no relation to reality.

We empower project developers to achieve
world-class performance and reliability.
Across all climatic zones.
Transparently and traceably.

Our solution

Ready-to-use licenses, tailor-made software solutions and expert consulting

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Soiling and snow risk assessment
Accurately predict monthly soiling and snow losses for any location on Earth based on satellite data.
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Cleaning cost optimization
Compare dozens of cleaning technologies and services for minimum total cost of ownership.
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Albedo improvement
Evaluate the use of albedo enhancing materials for maximum return on investment.
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At Iberdrola, optimizing the performance of our PV plants is essential. PVRADAR’s assessment helped us evaluate soiling and snow losses more accurately, thus contributing to the profitability of our projects.

Esther Gomez Ruiz

Head of Studies and Modeling, Global Engineering


Success stories

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Soiling risk assessment for a 1.4 GW portfolio
Definition of the global strategy against soiling risks for 15 projects across 4 continents and various climatic zones.
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Snow-loss evaluation for new projects in the Nordics
Reducing the financial risk of new large-scale projects through early assessment of snow losses based on historical data and accurate modelling.

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