Cleaning cost

For utility-scale PV power plants. During design and Operation.

  • Determine cost-optimal cleaning schedule
  • Compare tractors, robots and manual cleaning, wet and dry
  • Evaluate offers from equipment suppliers and service providers

Reduce the total cost of cleaning

Develop up to 8% more profitable projects
  • Compare all possible options: tractor plus brush, semi and fully-autonomous cleaning robots, dry and wet.
  • Decide whether you should buy, rent or contract a cleaning service.
  • Calculate the effect of cleaning on monthly average soiling loss factors used in the yield estimation.

Optimize cleaning schedules

Reduce cleaning cost by 25%
  • Cleaning is an investment. Avoid unnecessary cost by cleaning only when it is worth the cost.
  • Decide how often and when to clean based on site specific historic precipitation patterns.
  • Understand the potential benefit of investing into a soiling measurement system and adapting the cleaning strategy during operation.

Compare offers for equipment and services

Improve your negotiation position
  • Check any claim made by a cleaning service or technology provider for a specific project.
  • Compare offers from cleaning machinery and cleaning service providers based on the lifetime benefit and total cost of ownership.
  • Build a database with validated assumptions for technical parameters and prices to use as reference for future projects.