Soiling and snow
risk assessment

For utility-scale PV power plants. Starting from day 1 of development.

  • Monthly average loss factors for yield estimation, e.g. PVSYST
  • Based on satellite data
    No measurements needed
  • Transparent process documented in comprehensive PDF report

Avoid underperformance with accurate loss factors

The first step in risk mitigation is awareness
  • Predict site-specific monthly soiling and snow loss factors (P50, P90 and P99) from historic meteorological data.
  • No need for costly measurement campaigns - rely on satellite and meteo-station data.
  • Avoid overestimating losses to remain competitive in bidding and prevent underestimations to ensure successful investments.
  • Impress investors with detailed risk assessment reports and well documented justification.

Fine-tune model parameters in our web platform

50% more accurate than standard models
  • Model soiling and snow losses using our in-house models, then compare them to standard models in the scientific literature.
  • You are in full control: change any model parameter and immediately see the effect on the result.
  • Seamless integration of data for PM2.5, PM10, precipitation and snowfall from satellite databases and national weather services.

Make your research available within your organization

Build internal tools 5x faster
  • Define your own soiling and snow loss models and calculate losses based on 20 years of historic data for the concentration of airborne particles and snow fall.
  • Share your in-house models within your organization without having to disclose any confidential information to us.
  • Make use of the PVRADAR platform to visualize results, give (restricted) access to colleagues and generate reports.