The PVRADAR Team: engineering meets software development


Thore Müller
Co-Founder & CEO
5 years in applied research and consulting at ENGIE, specialist for autonomous cleaning
Konstantin Pogorelov
Co-Founder & CTO
20 years in software development and team-leadership
Franco Clandestino
Co-Founder & Head of Product
3 years in applied research and consulting at ENGIE, specialist for albedo improvements


At PVRADAR we are on a mission to accelerate the integration of innovative technologies in the designs of utility-scale PV powerplants worldwide. After working several years in the industry, we know the challenges the industry is facing today, and which are the solutions available. PVRADAR provides the tools to facilitate the integration of innovative technologies, reduce risk and improve overall results.

We are developing PVRADAR, a cloud-based software that automates and optimizes the evaluation and decision-making around a growing number of innovative technologies and design decisions: autonomous cleaning robots, albedo enhancers, battery storage, bifacial PV-modules, and more.

Our customers not only increase their team efficiency, but also improve the profitability of their assets. We are convinced that each team involved in the design process should be doing what it knows best. By bringing together technical and financial analysis we allow different teams to efficiently communicate and take fact-based decisions together.

We transform a linear design process into a Virtuous Cycle!


Our vision is to make solar energy cheaper, more reliant and less risky. Reliable and cheap renewable energy is of upmost importance to sustain economies worldwide. We want photovoltaics to play a key role in the fight against climate change and will support the industry on its path to digitalization.

We are convinced that solar energy is the solution for today and for the future. The increasing population and the climate change force us to redefine our strategies to sustain economies worldwide, switching the focus to a more environmental-friendly, cheap and secure energy supply. As PVRADAR, we contribute to make solar energy more competitive through the incorporation of innovative solutions that benefit the project from both technical and commercial sides.

We also understand how the design process of a new project is and the challenges the teams need to overcome, in which several roles interact... so the clear and easy transfer of information is extremely important to us.