With PVRADAR teams can focus on what really matters:
designing the PV powerplant of the future.


PVRADAR is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Platform for optimization of utility-scale solar power plants, providing instant estimation of costs and benefits of innovative technologies such as autonomous cleaning and albedo enhancers.

PVRADAR acts as a catalyst for the integration of innovative technologies and new business models to improve the business case of utility-scale photovoltaic powerplants, especially during early development: feasibility, basic design and financial closure.

The market today offers some great and creative ways to either improve production or reduce costs: intelligent cleaning systems, bifacial panels and albedo enhancers. But if they are not considered as of the very beginning of the project, it might just be too late.

The platform allows teams to fully understand the technical and financial consequences of design decisions, communicate better and work together more efficiently.

PVRADAR supports its users by providing estimates for critical inputs based on latest research and available online databases, e.g.. satellite data for albedo and soiling. Integrated multi-parameter optimization allows users to determine critical parameters in seconds. Integrated technical and financial models instantly show the effect of design choices on the cashflow for the entire lifetime of the project.